Thursday, 28 June 2012

Fwd: Future Fit Framework

Dear Colleagues    Please find description of and link to my newly released introductory guide to ESD in Higher Education - written to help newly interested colleagues become involved, or take existing work further. Please forward as appropriate.    with thanks    Stephen    Professor Stephen Sterling  Plymouth University      The Future Fit Framework: an introductory guide to teaching and learning for sustainability in HE  'This is one of the most comprehensive and accessible guides for academic and professional practitioners who are seeking ways of embedding sustainability into the curriculum and teaching and learning in higher education. It's both fit for purpose and fit for the future.'    - Stephen Martin, chair of the HEA ESD Advisory Group and President of Change Agents UK  This comprehensive 'what, why and how' guide was commissioned and is published by the Higher Education Academy (HEA). Written and compiled by Professor Stephen Sterling, Centre for Sustainable Futures, Plymouth University, the Framework is based on the experience of HEA's Education for Sustainable Development Project in supporting the embedding of sustainability in the HE curriculum.  The Framework is designed to help the newly interested academic better understand and engage with sustainability education, and encourage more experienced colleagues to take this work further. Organised into 14 sections plus Appendices, the guide is designed so that users can easily find the information and ideas that are most useful to them without needing to read the whole document. The concepts, ideas and models presented are intended as indicative rather than in any way prescriptive or limiting. They are designed to help, to be used and tried out, amended, critically discussed and adapted as part of the individual and institutional learning process towards quality ESD provision. Contents include:  1 Introduction; 2 Why bother?; 3 Graduates fit for the future?; 4 Where to start?; 5 Barriers – and pathways; 6 Objections - and answers; 7 Key concepts and values; 8 ESD pedagogies; 9 ESD in the disciplines; 10 Simple change tools; 11 Teaching/CPD activities; 12 Research and ESD; 13 Resources; References; Appendices.  'I've been using your Fit for the Future Framework very successfully with our Deans here.'    - Jane Davidson,Director INSPIRE: Institute for Sustainable Practice, Innovation and Resource Effectiveness, Trinity Saint David University, Wales        <>[]<>    Stephen Sterling  Professor of Sustainability Education  Head of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)  Centre for Sustainable Futures  Plymouth University  Kirkby Lodge  Drake Circus  Plymouth PL4 8AA  United Kingdom    tel 01752 588898    email:<>  Website:    Sterling, S (2012) 'The Future Fit Framework: an introductory guide to teaching and learning for sustainability in HE'      Sustainability Education: Perspectives and Practice across Higher Education<>  Edited By Paula Jones, David Selby and Stephen Sterling  


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